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I’ve just completed my new Moodle Manual, a 60 pages effort on  engaging ways to use Moodle.  The Manual is available in print or ebook format from Lulu Publishing Ltd.

Engaging ways to use Moodle:- An Illustrated Guide……

Now also available on Amazon.

Collaborative Google Doc on the “Engaging Ways to Use Moodle

Please add to this collaborative exercise in ways to make Moodle more engaging to students. For example visually pleasing Moodle sites, collaborative uses, reflective learning, inclusion of multi-media, plugins and third party applications, tracking.

You can access the site below directly or twitter me @muppetmasteruk or email with suggestions.

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A collection of useful websites I put together in 2010 but very much still relevant today.

Have fun.

This is Cathy Moore’s  great blog on creating e-learning with compelling activities, using a quick visual design process.

Cathy explains how this can work in the real world by filling three roles:-

  • Design document
  • Outline (obviously non-linear; if someone wants a linear approach, I write a short, high-level text outline or move the nodes so they form a list on one side of the goal)
  • Content repository

and stating:-

“A tool like the action map makes everyone focus on the business reason for the project and keeps extraneous information out–it provides discipline.”

A simple but effective action plan I will definitely be using for future e-learning design.

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