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The purpose of the action research assignment is use of an Action Research approach in an exploration of the ways to increase students’ engagement in the use of the Colleges Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Moodle.

VLEs or virtual learning environments have been at the forefront of learning technology for much of the 21st century. Forming the back bone of institutional ‘Learning Management Systems’ (LMS); with the commonly accepted driver of this move being the Dearing Report of 1997 and their increased use was encouraged in the Government’s 2005 strategy paper Harnessing technology – transforming learning and children’s services. (Ofsted, 2009).

The rationale behind the research is the perceived decline in the use and student uptake of the VLE by AS Geography Sixth Form students and a national trend in the perceived negative views of VLEs.



Interesting and captivating video by Sonja Delafosse outlining the skills a 21st century teacher should be facilitating with their students.

Content is everywhere but application of this knowledge in a creative and reflective way will help to engage students and not just use technology to entertain them.

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Moodle and Blooms Taxonomy

19 May 2010 by Mark Rollins on E-TeachUK
…  the final parts of my latest project linking Moodle to Blooms Revised Digital Taxonomy which I will publish to Lulu in the coming days Blooms Taxonomy Blooms Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives …

Open access to my developing Moodle Course, free resources and examples of how to make Moodle more engaging for Students and Staff alike.

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  • Instructional design/building of online courses
  • Blended learning/online/distance teaching and learning

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The Sole Of A Student

From Plato to Aurobindo, from Vygotsky to Montessori, centuries of educational thinking have vigorously debated a central pedagogical question: How do we spark creativity, curiosity, and wonder in children? But those who philosophized pre-Google were prevented from wondering just how the Internet might influence the contemporary answer to this age-old question. Today, we can and must; a generation that has not known a world without vast global and online connectivity demands it of us……….read more 

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One video worth watching!

Carpe Diem Collegiate High School is a blended-learning school that blends the best of face-to-face instruction, technology and extended learning opportunities in order to boost student achievement…Carpe Diem is working — now it’s your turn to “seize the day.”

I found this video very thought provoking and I feel very much that this is the future or should be the future of our schools.

  • Financially cost effective
  • Students perform at a 92% proficiency (State average is 65%)
  • Better student staff relationships.
  • Pastoral care and staff continuity.
  • Higher Order Skills.
  • Preparation for future work roles

carpe diem


see what you think……

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