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Open access to my developing Moodle Course, free resources and examples of how to make Moodle more engaging for Students and Staff alike.

Click on the Link@ below, create an account and have a play.

If you would like Mark to give you advice or if you require staff development we specialize in the following:-

  • Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment)
  • Adobe Captivate
  • In class Learning Technology
  • Creating and disseminating digital resources
  • Mobile Learning.
  • Instructional design/building of online courses
  • Blended learning/online/distance teaching and learning

We can help you create your Moodle Courses, Moodle course template, quizzes or create an entire course  for you.

Contact me on the following adrress:-


One video worth watching!

Carpe Diem Collegiate High School is a blended-learning school that blends the best of face-to-face instruction, technology and extended learning opportunities in order to boost student achievement…Carpe Diem is working — now it’s your turn to “seize the day.”

I found this video very thought provoking and I feel very much that this is the future or should be the future of our schools.

  • Financially cost effective
  • Students perform at a 92% proficiency (State average is 65%)
  • Better student staff relationships.
  • Pastoral care and staff continuity.
  • Higher Order Skills.
  • Preparation for future work roles

carpe diem


see what you think……

Positive or Negative