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MJR Learning Consutlancy

I have just finished producing a short manual “Guerra Scale and Moodle” after coming a across a short article by ASTD “The Guerra Scale”” by Tim Guerra & Dan Heffernan . This got me thinking about linking their concept with Moodle.

The basic concept behind the Guerras Scale is the scale outlines the range of content that can be found and used online. It is a scale of one to ten with an increase in interactivity, in which one involves the common experience of simply reading notes/text on screen and ten which denotes total virtual reality.


Each step up the scale “represents an increase in complexity, functionality, development time, demands for programming skill, demands for instructions design versatility, and demands for more patience and attention from subject matter experts.

Guerra Scale Characteristics

• GS1 is a simple PDF file document.
• GS2 is what many folks in the…

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