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This is a demo of a basic e-learning scenario using Adobe Captivate 6.
The basic design was done in  Captivate 6 where I created the interactive elements and slide jumps. Below is the YouTube video output.

This is the link to the swf:



Interesting and captivating video by Sonja Delafosse outlining the skills a 21st century teacher should be facilitating with their students.

Content is everywhere but application of this knowledge in a creative and reflective way will help to engage students and not just use technology to entertain them.

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Moodle and Blooms Taxonomy

19 May 2010 by Mark Rollins on E-TeachUK
…  the final parts of my latest project linking Moodle to Blooms Revised Digital Taxonomy which I will publish to Lulu in the coming days Blooms Taxonomy Blooms Taxonomy is a classification of learning objectives …

Really interesting look at Bloom’s Taxonomy and Twitter by Aditi Rao from TeachBytes  a technology resource specialist from Houston, Texas and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.





I’ve just completed my new Moodle Manual, a 60 pages effort on  engaging ways to use Moodle.  The Manual is available in print or ebook format from Lulu Publishing Ltd.

Engaging ways to use Moodle:- An Illustrated Guide……

Now also available on Amazon.

Collaborative Google Doc on the “Engaging Ways to Use Moodle

Please add to this collaborative exercise in ways to make Moodle more engaging to students. For example visually pleasing Moodle sites, collaborative uses, reflective learning, inclusion of multi-media, plugins and third party applications, tracking.

You can access the site below directly or twitter me @muppetmasteruk or email with suggestions.

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