We can create bespoke e-learning content for your company, education facility or individuals:-

  • Design and Create Moodle  Course (Virtual Learning Environment/LMS)
  • E-Learning or Training Modules (Adobe Captivate
  • Training and advice on “In class Learning Technology”
  • Creating and disseminating digital resources
  • Whiteboard Animations and Scribes
  • Mobile Learning.
  • Instructional design/building of online courses
  • Blended learning/online/distance teaching and learning

We have extensive experience in creating Moodle courses, we work day in and day out with Moodle, creating e-learning content. 

In the past we have provided consultancy and training services  for Synergy Learning, one of the premier Moodle providers in North Ireland and parts of the UK.

We can help you create your Moodle Courses, Moodle course template, quizzes or create an entire course  for youSpecialism 

Whiteboard Doodles


Why Moodle and why training:-

(Ofsted, 2009) concluded “VLEs were least effective when they had little content or were just a dumping ground for rarely used files.” and that provider should  “ensure that VLEs are designed to enhance learning and are not just a storage or communication facility ”

The role of staff is obviously important in the student’s engagement with the VLE, indeed increase use of the VLE from staff encouragement is vital, a statement reinforced by Ofsted “a significant increase in VLE usage was directly linked with formal tutor encouragement in the class-room “.

What E-TeachUK can offer:-

Onsite Training:-

Do you have teachers or trainers that need to quickly learn Moodle’s central features? Training is Site-Based.  Each participant is given a Moodle “sandbox” course to work in during the event and for one month afterwards.

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