Effective Use of Quizzes in Moodle

Posted: May 27, 2013 in e-learning

MJR Learning Consutlancy



Moodle quiz  module is an effective and powerful tool for assessing and diagnosing a students performance and in a course enhancing way.
Create quizzes that assess your learning goals, differentiate by creating questions that test knowledge, understanding, application, analysis. (Blooms Taxonomy ).

Use multi-choice questions to quickly assess students, but remember to include plausible answers that are often misconceptions, for example which of the following are glacial depositional features, drumlins or roche moutonnees…… multi-choice with more than one answer pushes the students more than single multi-choice options, eg identify which of the following are glacial erosional features……..

Quizzes are an effective method of assessing learning that can be implemented as a plenary activity to assess initial knowledge or understanding of a topic, a midpoint through a topic and most commonly as an end assessment.

A well structured quiz will assess the learning objectives and give relevant feedback, and…

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