Project Based Learning

Posted: April 24, 2013 in e-learning
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Project-based learning is a comprehensive approach to classroom teaching and learning that is designed to engage students in investigation of authentic problems.

Project-based learning is an instructional method that provides students with complex tasks based on challenging questions or problems that involve the students’ problem solving, decision making, investigative skills, and reflection that includes teacher facilitation, but not direction.

The teacher plays the role of facilitator, working with students to frame worthwhile questions, structuring meaningful tasks, coaching both knowledge development and social skills, and carefully assessing what students have learned from the experience.

Comprehensive Project-based Learning:

  • is organized around an open-ended driving question or challenge.
  • creates a need to know essential content and skills.
  • requires inquiry to learn and/or create something new.
  • requires critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and various forms of communication, often known as “21st Century Skills.”
  • allows some degree of student voice and choice.
  • incorporates feedback and revision.
  • results in a publicly presented product or performance

PBL is identified as being constructivist. Students work together to accomplish specific goals.

Technology makes it possible for students to think actively about the choices they make and execute.

Instructors must structure the proposed question/issue so as to direct the student’s learning toward content-based materials.

Once the project is finished, the instructor provides the students with feedback that will help them strengthen their skills for their next project.



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