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Just stumbled across this little gem and quickly found myself engrossed in learning Russian. Certainly time flies when you are having fun.


Great resource for learning key facts, but avoids that rote learning (are you listening Govey?) You can use already created Mems, these can be text, images, audio and youtube videos. Or create your own aide de memoire. You advance through the course via constant quizzes, gentle encouragement via feedback and leaderboards for that taste of competition.

The memrise is based on three principles; Science, Fun and Community


‘mems’ to help you form vivid, sensory memories. We test you continuously, always making sure to give your brain just the right workout. We remind you of what you’ve learned at scientifically optimized times so your memories are always growing stronger, and never forgotten.



So we’ve turned learning facts and language into a game where you grow a colourful garden of memory. You grow and water your memories in a garden of memory, you zoom up the leaderboards, and you learn alongside your mempals. It’s like a guiltless video-game.


The third is Community. We believe learning should be as rich and varied as the world you’re learning about. So with our community we’re building a kind of multimedia wonderland of learning, where videos, audio, usage, mnemonics, etymologies and much more bring your learning to life.

We believe that every learner is partly a teacher, and we hope that once you get started, you’ll soon be supplying little nuggets of wit and wisdom to help the rest of the community as they learn!

What’s a mem?

A mem is anything that helps you learn a new connection between a word and its meaning.
A mem might be a photo, a mnemonic, a video, a cartoon, an example sentence, an etymology or perhaps a witty remark. Anything goes, so long as it’s relatively brief and enriches your learning.

Learning on Memrise is all about imaginative, real-world richness, fun and exploration. By adding your mems to Memrise, you enrich everyone else’s learning at the same time as enriching your own.

How can I create a course?

To create a course go to Alternatively, to find out more about the course creation tools before you dive in, go to the course creation manual


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