Task 5 Reflecting on Blogging

Posted: November 22, 2012 in blog

I began my blogging in August 2008 prompt by the potential education uses outlined by advocates such as Janet Hart. Reviewing my first blog I remember it was also a side swipe and an outlet for my frustration against the establisment. The content was limited but the comments still ring true “Hi, found a great video that should be played to all those short sighted managers and heads of faculties who can’t see the benefit of e-learning in todays learning environment.”  Despite my best effort things still remain very much the same C’est La Vie.

I have tried to incorporate Blogging into my teaching  by also creating an off shoot Blog called Terra Scientia pitched at Earth Sciences  to provide extension for my A level and GCSE Students, some whom I believe have actually viewed it. The most common comment being we know what Terra Scientia means….(Earth Science if you didnt).

So being a scientist I tend to use it as a tool for passing on knowledge rather than reflection and the odd occasion of blatantly pushing my latest manual.

So all in all I wish I used it more regular with my students or should I say “I wish more of my students created their own” (I have a few whom have), and anyway being use to kopping the blame its probably my fault that more of my students don’t blog.

Reflection over.


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