The Future of Learning

Posted: November 10, 2012 in future, learning., pedagogic, Sugata
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Stumbled across this thought provoking video on the Future of Learning from The Thinking Ahead and Networked Society section of Ericsson.

Its a 20 min video and report from and features the thoughts and hopes of several renowned experts and educators including Sugata Mitra, Stephen Heppel, Daphne Koller and Seth Godin.

  1. One of my students sent me a link to this video. Lots of interesting things in this, but for me four main points.

    1. The policy of instrumentalism where the main purpose of education is to prepare students for the work place. This has brought about a system of education where the emphasis is on the outcome rather than the process.

    2. How technology enhanced learning could change the future of education.

    3. How teachers will still be an important part of the learning process, technology is not a replacement.

    4. The emphasis on learning things for ourselves and encouraging people to ask questions, Understanding is not just about being told facts and learning them.

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