Virtual Environmental Survey using Google Street View.

Posted: August 8, 2012 in geoscience

MJR Learning Consutlancy

This project was evolved from wanting to give my A2 Geography students chance to complete a Environmental Quality Survey as part of the requirements for their Pre-release exam Geog 4B. The pre-release material covers the decline and regeneration of Belfast, and after reviewing the pre-release I thought one aspect that they may be asked on was the completion of an Environmental Quality Survey.
With time constraints, money and health and safety being major barriers to actually going across to Ireland I initially thought about completing a similar survey in Manchester, but then I thought most of the aspect of a environmental quality survey ie dereliction, litter, street furniture etc can be identified by using Google Maps Street View. So below is the task and resources I used to set up a “Virtual Environmental Quality Survey“.

Aims:- Students to complete a Virtual Environmental Quality Survey in…

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