Moodle for Teachers: An Illustrated Guide

Posted: March 23, 2010 in an illustrated guide, how to, moodle, moodle staff development, tutorial

Moodle for Teachers: An Illustrated Guide is created by a teacher for teachers, illustrated using actual screen shots how to complete tasks to help you create your first Moodle course, or make an existing course more dynamic by for example embedding social networking tools such as Twitter into the Moodle framework. 

Topics covered include course creation, management and linking to files and web sites, creating and adding activities, adding multimedia, creating collaborative forums, wikis and blog, backed up with instruction on how to create lessons and quizzes.

The manual evolved from a staff development website I created for staff at my college, and over the years I have picked up and evolved tips and tricks to expand the framework of Moodle; so this is very much my take on how to create a Moodle course through experience of setting up more than a dozen or so courses within the college.

I have been using Moodle now for over 5 years and obtained the Moodle Teachers Certificate through Synergy Learning and acted as trainer for Synergy. I am also an E-Leader and PDA (eCPD) and have been interested in E-learning since writing my Cert ED dissertation on the use of Computer Aided Learning (CAL) in the mid 1990’s

The manual is available in Hardback or as an Ebook download.
Access to my Moodle site E-TeachUK  is free and complements the manual, including short video screencasts and examples.

Using Lessons in Moodle : – An Illustrated Guide by Mark J. Rollins.

Review from Moodle Monthly of Using Lessons in Moodle: An Illustrated Guide.

“What a concept, a lesson on lessons. Yes, I am still new to #Moodle, but I do have a pretty good grasp on how to do everything on a level that I would describe as a above average. One item that does create me some minor discomfort is the lesson module. Well, thanks to @muppetmasteruk for writing a nice, clean guide on lessons. The book is Using Lessons in Moodle – An Illustrated Guide by Mark J. Rollins and it’s available for purchase on (a self-publishing platform) for $9.40 (also available as a digital download for ~$5).

This guide takes you through the basics and gives you some visuals to help illustrate the flow of lessons. I do think that the hardest part for most of us, when creating lessons is working on the flow. Mark, aka @muppetmasteruk, sums it up very well. He reminds us that a lesson is a series of web pages. He touches on the concept of designing your lesson first before trying to put it in Moodle . I know we are supposed to be green but it is ok to use paper; ……………………………………….”

  1. laura wilson says:

    For web conferences you should try ,Great for online teaching and collaborating. I use it for working on my designs with other in my field.Its free and pretty simple – you just upload your file and invite others to view it together.- Laura W.

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