Renewable Energy

Posted: March 11, 2010 in alternative energy, energy, Greenland, sustainability, tidal turbine, wave energy

What does the future hold for renewable energy? With wind power seeming to dominate on land and offshore, how does wave energy stand up to future energy requirements?

“FROM giant hydraulic oysters that sit on the sea floor, to long rubber snakes that writhe in the ocean swell, there’s no shortage of creatures designed to harness the power of the waves. If wave power is to emerge as a viable form of green energy, we need to put them to the test and only the most reliable can expect to survive.”
  Newscientist Technology

My personal favorite interms of wave energy is the Pelamis Wave Energy Converter  which is the result of many years of engineering development by PWP.

However I think that Tidal turbine energy is the route we should be taking; so what are they and why?

Tidal Turbines

‘Conventional’ tidal turbines are of a propeller-based design – similar to a wind turbine – where energy is derived from lift alone. They require a minimum water depth of around 20 to 30m and a relatively high tidal current velocity. Typical efficiency levels are in the 25-35% range – low because of lack of drag utilisation
in the turbine. Even so, they offer real potential to tap tidal energy in larger river estuaries without the need for barrage construction.’



  • Silent
  • Invisible
  • Work in shallow environment
  • Low footprint but high efficieny
  • Low cost technology

Key Environmental Points:

  • The potential power output of the third generation MRev Tidal Turbine could meet or even exceed that of a barrage proposal.
  • The use of tidal turbines is unlikely to cause large-scale silting.
  • The likely environmental impact is relatively small

Pelamis Wave Energy Converter
Newscientist Technology



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