Using Tweetfeel as a teaching tool.

Posted: February 17, 2010 in E-learning resource week, e-teachuk, muppetmasteruk, teaching, tweetfeel, with

What is Tweetfeel?

Tweetfeel monitors positive and negative feelings in twitter conversations about stuff like movies, musicians, TV shows and popular brands. We display these feelings in a clear and simple way for you.”
Tweetfeel compares your search result against a number of indicators to determine whether someone is generally positive or negative towards your term.

Using it as a teaching tool:-

Starting a discussion point:-

Politics, you could enter Political Part names and see which has the higher negative or positive count. Maybe before asking this you could have the students read “Party Policies” and formulate a group “feel” ie positive or negative and then compare this to the general global feelings via Tweetfeel.

Call to teachers/educators, please use the following voicethread to feedback possible educational uses of Tweetfeel .


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