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Posted: February 10, 2010 in e-teachuk, free, help, moodle, moodle staff development, resources for teachers, teachers, tutorial

This is just a quick blog to blatantly promote my Moodle Website E-TeachUK, I developed this a few years ago as part of my Moodle Teachers Certificate (through Synergy Learning), designed to help with staff development at my College.
 I have updated and maintained it, adding widgets, embedding slideshares and giving it a more of a “webpage” look.
The site includes explanation of the basics of Moodle, how to set up a course and some more advanced techniques.
This  is done using “Flash flip” page instruction documents, video tutorials and lesson plans to follow.

Best of all it is free open access, you just need to create an account and dip in.



Hosting courses
There are two options: 1. You can either install Moodle on your own server and host it yourself (see typical spec’ below);
2. Pay a company to host it for you – they would maintain it completely.
Possible external hosted solutions (and support) are either free or paid for;
Free ones

RSC Northwest

  1. Dan Stucke says:

    Would be interested to look at this, but I can't seem to create an account? Asks me for an enrolment key at one point?Cheers,Dan

  2. Mark says:

    The enrolment key is Staffdev, let me know if you have any more problems. Thats for the interest.Mark

  3. Mark says:

    sorry I meant thanks….

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