Future Vision of an Augmented Education

Posted: February 5, 2010 in AR, augmented future., e-learning, e-teachuk, education, Intelligent nation, teaching

The following is a blog inspired by a video from Singapore that came to my attention on the same day I received a copy of Lord Puttnams video “We are the people we’ve been waiting for” (I’ve still to view it).
I see Augmented Reality playing an increasing role in future education, but my concern is that at the moment there are a diversity of formats and applications that vie for the title; the Apple iphone, Android phones and PDA and the new iPAD just to name a few. But maybe the answers lies in the following videos.
The first is the video from Singapore showing the concept of an Augmented Text Book, part of Singapores ‘Intelligent Nation’ in 2015 vision.

In order to achieve this a transparent screen would seem to be the obvious way to take it, negating the need to transfer the image from a camera….enter the second video showing a Samsungs OLED transparent screen that will be on sale in the very near future. reghardware

So image the combination of a device that can use GPS, a transparent screen to augment reality with a world full of accessible data at their “augmented” finger tips.

The future of education is on the cusp of a fundamental change with technology driving the way students will learn and access data(an the way we teach them), a device that augments their learning experience will, I believe play an important  if not vital role, but this device must be universal and as accessible to children in an African village as the front row of a lecture theatre.


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