Augmented Reality in Education

Posted: January 21, 2010 in AR, ARTtoolkit, augmented future., augmented reality, code marker, e-elearning, e-teachuk, education, educational tool, mixed reality, scimorph
Augmented Reality in Education

A nice video showing the concept of augmented reality (AR ) in a way that could by easy incorporated into educational textbooks, adding that extra dimension to paper medium. The technology to achieve this is already available and adding a AR code marker  will be as common as adding a web address.

Mixed Reality Book:- Earth Structures

 Text book including code marker showing a 3d molecular structure.

Video outlining Future of  Education Augmented Reality

Example of Augmented Reality you can try at home click here

 Examples of Augmented Reality use in Education

“Schools Minister Vernon Coaker MP has launched this interactive web-based product designed to encourage pupils in Years 6 and 7 to be inspired and excited by science.

Scimorph uses the latest ‘augmented reality’ technology to present Key Stage 2 science topics in a fun and interactive way to support teaching and learning both at home and in the classroom.
Scimorph is a simple 3D animated character who responds to interaction from users: you can take Scimorph through various activity areas which affect him in different ways, including exploring the effects of gravity. The package has supporting material for parents and teachers which is available to download from the directgov website. “



Some nice simple applications, puzzles, geography and mathematics.

 Imaginaliity Unleashed.

Imaginality Unleashed is a unique product that consists of software and some physical, handheld paddles. It is used with a standard PC and webcam. When you point the webcam at a paddle, you see a virtual, 3D object hovering above it, which can interact with objects on other paddles.

ARToolKit Marker Generator Online
Imaginality Unleashed

Previous E-teachUK Blog Post:- Wikitude and Augmented Reality

  1. Great post, I referenced it in a post I just completed HERE. One of the most interesting things is the relationship between the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality, they seem to be bound by the same fundamental requirements in both technology and adoption. Thanks for the post.

  2. Paul Hynes says:

    Great summary of stuff happening. I just wanted to bring your attention to one of the projects I work on at the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust. brings a showcase of 10 examples of AR use across subjects and complexity. Videos of the resources can be seen at and more info can be found on the project at is showing itself to be a very powerful tool. We are always interested in any thoughts on how we can get school staff and students thinking about the potential. Thanks for the great post (

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