Is iTune Univsersity better than attending lectures?

Posted: July 23, 2009 in improved results, itunes university, learning environments, muppetmasteruk, podcasts

Podcasted lectures offer students the chance to replay difficult parts of a lecture and therefore take better notes, says Dani McKinney.
iTune University was launched two years ago and covers a wide range of lectures, some Universities make lectures available online and even give them credit for attending , some limit use to students enrolled on the courses and some limit down load to discourage students from missing class.
To find out how much students learn from podcasts alone, lectures and a combination McKinneys team presented 64 students a single podcast.
Half of the students attended the class in person and received a printout of the slides from the lecture. The other 32 downloaded a podcast that included audio from the same lecture synchronised with video of the slides. These students also received a printed handout of the material. The students were then tested one week later.

Clear Results

This would seem to indicate students attending lectures and watching podcasts more than once achieve better results than students just using podcasts ie missing the lectures, and surprisingly the lowest achievement was the student who attended the lecture only?!

So does this spell the end of Face to face lectures?

So what are the benefits of postcast? well is seems that they:-

Allow students to revisit lectures and improve learning.

Free up time for lecturers to interact with students rather than just talk at them.

Fill a provision for 21st learners mindset.


  1. Jo says:

    aren't the pie graph percentages suppose to add up to 100%

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