Making Technology Work for Further Education Colleges

Posted: June 23, 2009 in BECTA, elearning, feedback, Further Education, publications

This was an article I have taken form BECTA, posted by Tracy Playle, and I think maybe a useful tool, if like me you have run into a brick wall pushing e-learning……

“What role do governors have to play in making technology happen in FE and skills?College governors are undoubtedly important in driving forward big decisions in the FE sector. We’ve been talking to a lot of governors recently about technology. In particular, we’ve produced a special edition of In Conversation with Becta (link to copy of the document online will be provided shortly), this time co-produced with our colleagues at the Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) specifically around the role that governors have to play in driving forward technology in their organisations. This also coincided with our attendance at the LSIS annual governors conference in Leicester in March. The document, in addition to conversations we had with governors at the LSIS conference, raises a number of conversation points, including:
How important is it to stress the need for technology skills and knowledge when recruiting college governors?
How can technology be used to make governors more effective in their work?
Whose role is it to distinguish between issues of governance and management? Is it the clerk, principal or an independent third party? In what ways does technology alter such distinctions?
How can governors keep up to date with the technology available for teaching and learning?
How important, or desirable, is it for staff and learners to have direct access to the governors through technology?
How can technology help governors get closer to the learner voice?

What do you think of these questions, and other questions around the role of governors in influencing organisational use of technology, and the role of technology in influencing the work of a governor?”

This document offers advice to college governors on how to make technology work for FE Colleges.


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