Quality on Moodle

Posted: June 14, 2009 in e-learning, effectiveness, feedback, moodle, quality, teachers

I was posted this question

“Hi Everyone,

We struggle at our college to find a suitable way in measuring the quality of not only the resources on Moodle, but also a quick way in assessing the ‘effective’ usage of Moodle, i.e. interactive activities etc.

Any suggestions?


My response is below:-Ultimately the effectiveness of any resource is if it achieves its aims and objectives, so as with any resources these must be appropriate to learning activity.

Assessing this can be achieved by pre-test and post test maybe or checking achievement against the minimum acceptable grades for good practice.

A second way of assessing “effectiveness” is the students utilisation of the resources; in Moodle this can be monitored by using the report facility under the administration block.

Alternatively using “Student” feedback using the “feedback activity” (I have created one for a blended learning course in which I mainly asked for students feedback on level of agreement (ie strongly agree etc).

Other suggestions welcome.


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