Effective use of Google Searches

Posted: May 28, 2009 in e-learning, effective, google, resources, searches, use

Google Searches

Google Search Criteria

Finds pages containing

Alan Turing

Terms Alan and Turin eg Turing Machine

“Alan Turing”

The phrase “Alan Turing” Alan Turing 1959 graduating

Alan OR Turing

Either “Turing” or “Alan” of both

Alan -Turing

Alan but not Turing.

Search within Specific Website

Site:-BBC.co.uk “Alan Turing”

Will return pages containing Alan Turings name within the BBC website.

Search with fill in the blanks, Wildcard


, treat the star as a placeholder for any unknown term(s) and then find the best matches. Eg BBC New Front Page

Search exactly as is (+)

+BBC+Alan Turing

BBC UK News Alan Turing Father of Computers attaching a + immediately before a word (remember, don’t add a space after the +), you are telling Google to match that word precisely as you typed it.



Definitions from various sources for the word e-learning for example:-

learning (or e-Learning or eLearning) is a type of education where the medium of instruction is computer technology. …

Search Specific File Types

Filetype:pdf e-learning in FE

Will find a pdf document, containing the terms “e-learning”, “FE”

Number or date ranges

2000..2009 “E-learning in FE”

The term “E-learning” and any numbers or dates in between 2000 and 2009

Search Page Titles

E-Learning intitle: FE

Finds pages with E-Learning in the title and Fe in the web page.


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