Educational use of Facebook

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

A recent change of firewall at my college has allowed students to access Facebook, which had up till this point been blocked, students quickly recognised this and I have on numerous occasions had to ask/tell students to turn it off during class.

I am a strong advocate of elearning but I am still unsure of a beneficial use of Social networking sites in a classroom situation that can not be supplied within a dedicated education tool such as VLE or LMS like Moodle.

Should we not leave Facebook for Social networking and not encroach on to a students patch by jumping in and telling them how well they did in class today, while they are busy telling their mates what they got up to at the weekend.
I still think the value of Facebook for formal teaching and learning is unclear.

Some links:-
Some of the pitfalls of being a teacher with a Facebook account (Friend or Foe)


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